Release #9: Childhood friends!



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Third chapter of Tamamusi is out, once more thanks to our friends at Seiyuuri! This time we find out a little more about what happened between Nozomi and Kakoi. Exciting times!

Thanks to Batoto closing down, we had to find a new reader. Thankfully, Mangadex has appeared! You can find BunnyScans and Heart of the Girl there, and we’ll be uploading further chapters there too.


Release #8: Happy Tanabata!



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Okay, this one really took a while. I’m happy to finally see it out, especially given how cute it is! We’ve started work on the next Satou Kibi work as well, but I’d rather not make any predictions about how soon it can be seen…

Release #5: Back from the dead

Hello! It’s been a while.


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This is a joint release with our friends over at Seiyuuri!

So this was quite unexpected. A Tamamusi 4koma, a joint effort… Seems like there will be a few more of these in the future, too. But don’t worry! That doesn’t mean we’re stopping our solo releases.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Sister!! has been in typesetting limbo. In other words, I just need to keep working on it. In the meantime I caught wind of a new Satou Kibi book, and it seems to be coming out during the next Comiket. And since I clearly have so much time to spare, I am also trying to get it to work on it.

Release #3: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


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Goodness, it’s been a while since we released something! Hopefully we’ll get back into the swing of things. For starters, a new (“new”) Satou Kibi book. Relatively light workload and one of my favourite artists make for a rather pleasant release. And there’s more to come!
I put Mercy on the credits page because that felt more appropriate than any witch Alice I could find. Hopefully there will be a cute Santa Mercy by the time we release one of the other stuff.

Release #2: Flying Under Influence

Hello again!


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BunnyScans second release is a ReiMari book by none other than Yonurime! There’s really not a lot to be said about it, other than it’s everything you could expect: cute art, cute story, cute ReiMari! I hope you enjoy it.

This book has been significantly longer than our first release, therefore our scanlation process ended up a bit drawn-out. We’ll be ironing out the issues soon enough, though!

Release #1: Cocoa the Idol

Hello, and welcome to BunnyScans!


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This is our first release! Our staff consists of a few beginners and a few more experienced folks who are kind enough to help us get this started. Hope you enjoy this and future releases!

GochuUsa really was a cute show, though I wish it featured more bunnies. Combined with Peko’s adorable art and a slightly gay story, it’s been a lot of fun to work on this book, and I hope we can find more like that in the future.